“It’s a great feeling to know that when flights get changed or canceled or delayed that I can call my travel agent and I know that I have help and they will do their best to get me where I need to go. They know who you are and most of the time they know where I am at in the world. It’s a great feeling to know I have this resource when I am traveling all over the world. The service I receive from Cruise & Travel Experts is bar none across the board excellent.”
Brett, Business Travel Client
“Vickie is an extraordinary travel advisor with resources, connections and expertise providing white-glove service. She is helpful and friendly, she has a deep background of the travel industry, and she pays diligent attention to all aspects of travel, no matter how small the detail. I especially appreciate Vickie’s problem solving skills and her ability to think outside the box as this has gotten me out of a few jams. Vickie’s goal is quality and personal service, and she delivers.”
Sandy, Business Travel Client
“Working with Cruise & Travel Experts takes away stress when I am on the road traveling for business. When there are hiccups such as weather delays, grounded planes and missed connections, it is when I truly appreciate my professional agent. I make one quick call or email and everything is handled. New flights, change in rental car dates, extended or changed hotel stays – all of this is taken care of so that I can focus on my business.”
John, Business Travel Client
“I’ve worked with Vickie at Cruise and Travel Experts for years and she is my go-to travel agent. I traveled about two weeks every month last year and she makes my life so much easier. She’s speedy, organized, creative and basically a dream for someone who travels as much as I do. And she’s always so nice! I can highly recommend her (and do) to all travelers.”
Kiki, Business Travel Client
“In over 35 years of business travel, I have never worked with an individual as competent, professional, and friendly as my travel agent Penney. Penney anticipates my needs on complicated itineraries to maximize my time and minimize cost. Penney is patient and helpful when changes, often last minute changes, are necessary. She is also an effective advocate for me with the major carriers when, as a frequent flyer, I need a last minute booking, etc. She is backed up by a firm that supports and complements her efforts.”
Robert, Business Travel Client
“I wanted to take a moment to thank Penney for her assistance in the recent travel accommodations that she took care of for the President of Aquinas College. For someone new coming into the role as Executive Assistant to the President, her attention to detail helped the travel arrangements go smoothly.”
Lori, Business Travel Client
“Some travel advisors book your travel. Vicki solves my problems, from routine trips to the craziness of unpredictable situations, and she never gets rattled!”
Gregg, Business Travel Client
“As one should expect of someone at Cruise and Travel Experts, Vickie is a consummate professional – effective and efficient, thoughtful and thorough. Vickie goes well beyond expectations, however, as she establishes personal relationships based on genuine care and sincere warmth. In a busy and complicated world, I am immensely grateful to have Vickie helping to navigate airlines, hotels, and pretty much whatever it takes to get the job done!”
Richard, Business Travel Client
“We have been working with Penney for many years and we are always happy and grateful for their ability to meet our needs of flights and book travel for our national and international work. Her knowledge of the airlines and their working relationships established with airline staff have been a real asset, especially when problems arise, as they inevitably do in our line of work. We have referred she and Cruise & Travel Experts to many friends and colleagues and will continue doing it.”
Harry, Business Travel Client
“After spending nearly 30 years traveling for business, I have realized nothing can replace a travel agent. I can sum up what they do in two words – personal service. These days, it would be easy to do just about anything online, but a travel agent gets to know you, your wants, needs and preferences. All I have to do is call or send an email with dates and destinations, and within minutes I have a reply with everything booked and ready to go. In the rare occasion I have a flight delay or cancellation, I make one call to my agent and she takes care of everything for me.”
Bob, Business Travel Client

Companies who use a travel management company save an average of 10-20% in their travel and entertainment budget.

Whether you’re the traveler, the travel manager or the CFO, we make your life easier. You will be assigned dedicated travel specialists with years of industry experience and a full backup team behind them. What does this mean? It means you will always have an experienced partner to call or e-mail. We are your proactive, outsourced travel department dedicated to making the travel aspect of your business easy and cost effective. Travel is our core business. We focus on what we do best which affords your company more time and money to focus on what you do best. It’s that simple.

Our Business and Incentive Travel Experts are proud to serve businesses of all sizes. You’ll never be in a “call center” environment.

 The relationships with our clients are built on the foundation of service, expertise and the depth of our resources. These relationships grow and prosper from our continued dedication to each client’s goals and blossom with the trust we earn.

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